2017 Makahiki Hou Classic


2017 Makahiki Hou Classic

The word makahiki refers to a time of celebration and the period of Makahiki was a time of peace and plenty, relaxation and games. We invite you to enter the first baseball tournament of the upcoming new year. the 2017 Makahiki Hou Classic hosted by       Hui ‘Aumākua happening January 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2017!

BRONCO Division Bracket

MUSTANG Division Bracket

MHH Classic 2017 Forms makahiki-houflyer




2016 Hilo PONY League Regular Season


The 2016 Hilo PONY League Regular Season is upon us!  We wish continued good luck to all of our Hui ‘ohana – especially our talented coaches, loyal, committed and dedicated players and ‘ohana!  We’ll see you at the field!  Year of the Hui! Mahalo Ke Akua!!

Schedules:                                                                                                                        Pony Division                                                                                                                            Bronco Division                                                                                                                         Mustang Division   Mustang 2nd Round                                                                                   Pinto Division



It seemed liked it was written in the stars as Hui ‘Aumākua dominated the field throughout not only the Big Island, but the state of Hawai’i! We’ve seen the hash tags on Face book and Instagram and heard it throughout the league, but really, “Year of the Hui”! We preached it, and it happened! Hui ‘Aumākua dominated baseball on the Big Island for the year of 2015! Through the guidance and leadership of an organization built on Loyalty, Commitment, Dedication and awesome families that believe in the culture that has been created before them, it all came together in the end with a dominant year on the Baseball Diamond! Where to start?

Hui ‘Aumākua came out with a bang in the first round as it swept each division and then claimed the first round championship in all divisions entered! The Pinto and Mustang teams were led by Coach Shon and his staff in claiming the first round titles! Coach Chris Honda and his staff dominated the first round in the Bronco division, while our Pony team claimed the first round title under the guidance of Coach Grant and his awesome staff! By winning the first round, all of our teams were guaranteed a spot in the overall championship game at the end of the season! Our Bronco black team was there in the hunt finishing a respectable 3rd in the first round! The bulls’ eye was now on our backs as play began in the second round! Our Mustangs had an exciting finish as they suffered their first loss of the year in the undefeated game in the 2nd round tournament to BPono! That made the road a little longer to the championship, but Hui prevailed in the end by beating Wreckers, then BPono twice, with the final game being a TKO 13-3 to claim the Hilo Pony League Mustang Title! What a season!

Our Bronco Red team continued their dominant ways as they finished the year undefeated and trouncing H.I.A in the finals in a TKO! What a year for Coach Chris and his team! Hui Black was a run away from a possible all Hui final, but lost to H.I.A in the semis! Great run for the young guns as they finished in 3rd place! Our Pony’s, which is our oldest Hui team, had an awesome run! With no expectations coming into the year, this bunch made it to the final game of the year! They beat a tough Andrews Indians team for the second time in the semi-finals which put them in the championship game against Andrews Braves! Unfortunately, due to a schedule change and a couple of injuries, the game could not be played, and our boys took second place for the year! We are very proud of our Pony team! Great job Coach Grant and Staff!

As for our Hui ‘Aumākua Babies, our Pintos, this group had high expectations coming into this 2015 season and boy did they live up to it!! They dominated the regular season Coach Pitch going undefeated and annihilated BPono in the championship game 20-1 to claim the Coach Pitch Title! They then moved on to the Player Pitch Series against BPono! They dominated that series by going 5-1 and claiming that Title! What a year for our Babies as they came away with 2 regular season championships! Great job Boys!!

It was definitely “The year of the Hui” as we took home the championship in the Pinto Player Pitch and Coach Pitch, Mustang division, Bronco division and a 2nd place in the Pony division and 3rd in the Bronco division! Four titles in five divisions entered! That’s pretty amazing considering this was our first full year of competition! “Dominance”! You can call it whatever you want!! Our Families, Coaches and players walked away from the 2015 season with our heads up high knowing that we were the best organization on the block and no one can take that away from us!! It was “THE YEAR OF THE HUI!!!!!


Hilo Pony Winter League 2015


Aloha!  Winter League is right around the corner!  Please see registration forms below and submit to your coach or team representative!  Mahalo!

WINTER LEAGUE SCHEDULES *subject to change



Form #1 Baseball Player Registration

Form #2 Emergency Contact/Waiver and Release

Form #3 Player Parent Conduct

Form #4 PONY Medical Release

Form #5 Release of Claims




Post Season 2015



            As the season came to a close, the excitement of All-Stars was in the air as all of our coaches prepared their post season teams for a run at States and hopefully a trip to the Mainland to compete for a World Series Title! What a summer it was!

Coach Chris and his staff compiled 13 kids on his Bronco All-Star team, 10 being from Hui ‘Aumākua! Coach Shon and his staff took a core of Hui ‘Aumākua kids that have had several years of post season travel to the mainland and combined them with role players from around the league on the Bronco 11’s! Our third Post Season team compiled 10 Hui ‘Aumākua Babies from our Pinto team along with 2 other kids from the league with expectations of a World Series Title! These Coaches and kids worked hard all year and preparation was key as they made a memorable run through the summer! States was held in Hilo for the Bronco Division which is always an advantage for the home team. Our Bronco 12’s were prepared and boy they came out firing as they went undefeated in our Hometown and closing out Windward in the championship game with a TKO! The goal was no secret as these kids wanted to win the Region and board a plane to Southern California! The goal was met, as lot of these kids had never played in the mainland and the excitement of playing in California awaited them! Our Bronco 11’s had a different perspective on Post Season! Although we had some experience, we had a lot of first time All-Stars which kept Coach Shon and his staff realistic about winning States! We honestly had no idea what was going to happen! We went in with the attitude of playing our game and letting the chips fall wherever that may be! Our 11’s caught lightning in a bottle as they fought back from a lost to Mililani in the undefeated game and double dipping them on championship day in walk-off fashion to win states! The following week, our Pinto’s boarded the plane for Maui in search of 2 state titles and a chance to represent Hawai’i in the Pinto World Series! Our Babies took the player pitch tournament by storm in winning the championship against Maui! One day later, they adjusted to the coach pitch state tournament and 5 days later, they came away with that state championship by walking off “pre-tournament favorite” Waianae, for the second time and going undefeated in Maui! Our Pintos came away with 2 championships in a span of 10 days which has never been done before! Great job to all our coaches, families and players! Four STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in one summer! Just straight up Awesome Gang!!!

There was no time to rest as 3 days later, our first team to board the plane to California was our Pintos. San Jose was the destination for the Pinto World Series! This group had a big following as we landed in San Jose ready to battle! Our Pintos came out right where they left off going undefeated in their bracket (3-0) and earning a spot in the World Series Championship against Southern California! The final lived up to the hype as it became a pitcher’s duel! After 4 it was 2-0 in favor of Southern Cal! The last 2 innings didn’t go our way as Southern Cal walked away with the Title! Our kids battled their tails off all year and 2nd in the world ain’t nothing to be ashamed of! This group will definitely make a few more runs at the World Series! Great Job Pintos!

Our next team to fly to Cali was our 11’s! With no expectations for the summer, this group was just excited to be boarding a plane to Walnut, CA! A beautiful complex which half of our team has already played at when they were 9’s in representing Hawai’i! The tournament started off a bit rough as our 11’s came out with a loss to a much bigger San Francisco team which we played 2 years ago! Not to be outdone, we worked our way back in winning a couple tough games and got a rematch with San Fran 2 days later! Our kids were focused and their play showed as we won a thriller 4-2, and eliminated San Fran from the West Zone! We made it to the championship game of our bracket against Southern California! In the end, Southern Cal was just too tough as we gave them all we had in losing 12-5! This Southern Cal team eventually won the World Series Title a week later in Virginia! We were very, very proud of our 11’s as they overachieved and played as a “TEAM” and look where it got them! A lifetime of wonderful memories! Great Job 11’s!

After almost a month of practicing and scrimmages, it was time to board the plane to sunny California and get it on for our 12’s! Our Broncos showed up at York field in Whittier excited and ready to play! They opened up with a tough game against East Long Beach and prevailing in the end with an important win! Winning that first one is always key! Their next opponent was a tough Arizona team that gave Hawai’i everything they had, but our boys pulled it out with a win and were sitting pretty at 2-0! The next challenge was the other undefeated team in Northern California! NorCal looked good from the get go as our Broncos made it a game in the end, but fell 6-3! There was no time to ponder the lost as Coach Chris had to rally the boys and get ready for Southern Cal right after that! SoCal is always considered one of the favorites in any division of baseball, and they proved to be tough as they gave our boys everything they had! Our Hawai’i Boys fought till the end, but just ran into some good pitching and the run came to an end! SoCal won 6-3, and ended the summer for our Hilo All-Stars! Coach Chris and his team had an awesome run!! From winning our Makahiki Hou Classic, to dominating the regular season, to winning Memorial Day Tournament in Kona and finally this memorable summer run all the way to Southern California!

It was an experience of a lifetime for all of our kids and families! These memories are why we put so much into this great game of baseball! Cherish these moments as you never know if you’ll have an opportunity like this again! I would like to thank all of the Families, Coaches, team reps and especially our kids for providing us with the ride of a lifetime!!!! Great job Hui ‘Aumākua and hopefully we can do it again in the near future!! E Ola Nō! A Hui Hou!!!!