2014 Makahiki Hou Keiki TB/CP Tourney


We would like to start off by thanking all the teams that were mākaukau (ready) to enter the 1st T-Ball and Coach Pitch tourney of 2014!  Mahalo to all the coaches for being dedicated to the game of baseball and fostering the love of the game from such a young age!

The games began on Saturday, January 25th 2014 with T-ball and the A-W-E-S-O-M-E rules created by our very own Hui President, Shon…playing junk & po for home and visitors and no limit to the amount of t-ball players in the outfield!  So fun & creative!

We had the BEST umpires, our older Hui Bronco & Mustang players and our Hui Dad’s, what a great job they did, an umpire at every base!Hui UmpiresIt was the perfect day for all the T-ball Keiki and their ‘ohana who got to enjoy ono food, smoothies and homemade snacks from the concession!  Mahalo!


Coach Pitch games and the 1st Home Run Derby took place on Sunday, January 26th 2014 as teams from all over the island were excited to play in the first CP tourney of the year!  Coach Pitch players that were able to hit a homerun over the fence were awarded with a free Bradda Pop! Mahalo to Andrews Braves, Andrews Chiefs, Honoka’a, New Hope, RBI, Wreckers Black, Wreckers Gold, Waiakea Pirates and Hui ‘Aumākua teams for being mākaukau.


hrgroupshotThe Home Run Derby began at 2pm on Sunday, January 26th on the “Field of Dreams” and the crowd was full of baseball fans that enjoyed the music & our Hui Vice President & emcee – Grant while waiting for the excitement to begin as keiki were swinging for the fence at 125 feet!  Prizes were given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

There were 14 entrants who represented Waiakea Pirates, Andrews, RBI, New Hope Angels, Wreckers and Hui ‘Aumākua.

It was an awesome derby as it came down to the last entrant with two kids tied for 1st place when one of our own, Kahili stepped up to the plate and smashed a HR on his 3rd swing!  That tied him for 1st place and on his 7th swing; Kahili smacked the winning HR over the right center fence and crowned himself the HR champ!  Awesome job Kahili!  Journey and Daycen had to swing it out for 2nd place and Journey representing New Hope clubbed a HR on his 3rd swing in sudden death to capture 2nd place.  Congratulations to all participants, you are all winners for trying to tackle our “Field of Dreams” Home Run Derby.  We will be back with a bigger and better derby next year!

 1st Place – Kahili (Hui ‘Aumākua) winner of $50.00 gift card (2 Home Runs)

Kahili2nd Place – Journey (New Hope Angels) winner of a $30.00 gift card (1 Home Run)

Journey3rd Place – Daycen (Waiakea Pirates) winner of a $20.00 gift card (1 Home Run)

DaycenAs always, special Mahalo to our Hui ‘Aumākua Sports Inc. ‘ohana for your continued loyalty, commitment & dedication to our keiki and ‘ohana, we are blessed with your ongoing support!  I Mua, Hui!!

2014 Makahiki Hou Classic Results


Hau’oli Makahiki Hou – Happy New Year!

We would like to start off our new year by thanking Ke Akua for blessing our 2014 Makahiki Hou Classic, our tournament participants, their ‘ohana and supporters.  We were blessed with extraordinary weather, ono concession foods & drinks and we made some lasting memories as we enter 2014!

The results of the 2014 Makahiki Hou Classic are:


1st place Champions (Brand new Bow Net and Trophy): BGC

Head Coach Stacey Jarneski, Asst. Coach Troy Tamiya

IMG_3098Players Names (per roster): Trayden Tamiya, Joey Jarneski, David Nakamura, Ryan Ragual, Stone Miyao, Reese Mondina, Micah Bello, Noah Kalaola-Richardson, Shannon Torres and Bryce Furuli.

2nd Place (1 dozen balls and Trophy): BANDITS

Head Coach Tom Richmond, Asst. Coaches Danrick Perreira and Ivan Look

IMG_3093Players Names (per roster) are: Kaulana Look, Finn Richmond, Caden Perreira-Lau, Kieran Lo, Paki Akau, Hunter Cuaresma, Phillip Grace, Preston Morales, Austin Ewing and Holi Bergin.

3rd Place (1 dozen balls): CRUSH BASEBALL

Head Coach Ray Estrella, Asst. Coaches Kimo Alani and Nic Kaawa

IMG_3062Players Names (per roster) are: Andrew Udac, Harvey Alani III, Dennison Joaquin, Toby Estrella, Tevin Canda, Jake Basque, Boaz Ayers, Richard “Makana” Kalua’u, Bryton Lewi, Vohn Yamaguchi and Kalani Piltz.

4th Place: ANDREWS

Head Coach Troy Fujii, Asst. Coaches Maury Pacheco and Curt Miura

IMG_3063Players Names (per roster) are: Jamie Ebersole, Brett Fujii, Randen Menke, C.J. Miura, Edward Oguma Jr., Austin Pacheco, Logan Respicio, Steven Texeira Jr., Kaynen “Kahi” Tolentino, Casey Yamauchi, Dominic Uchida & Aiden Ah Hee.

Pony Division Homerun Awardees:

BGC – Joey Jarneski (2 homeruns) & Ryan Ragual (1 homerun) IMG_3100Bandits – Caden Perreira-Lau, Phillip Grace & Preston Morales (1 homerun each)

Andrews – Steven Texeira Jr. (1 homerun)IMG_3065

These players were awarded the actual homerun balls and brand new pro baseballs.


1st Place Champions (Brand new Bow Net and Trophy): RBI RED

Head Coach Marvin Min, Asst. Coaches Bully Ahuna, Gregg Hirata & Kele Coloma

IMG_3107Players Names (per roster) are: Dan “Bula” Ahuna Jr., Walter “Maui” Ahuna III, Tai Atkins, Braeden Coloma, Devon Hirata, Joshua Ho, Rydge Ishii, Kalani Marquez, Cody Min, Brycen Nakata & Samson Thomas.

 2nd Place (1 dozen balls and Trophy): LIL SOLJAHS

Head Coach Jerry Hiraishi, Asst. Coaches Bill Jones, Shannon Javillonar & Jamie Kahoalii

IMG_3103Players Names (per roster) are: Ikaika Apilado, Drew Basque, Kainoa Doctor, Shaylann Grace, Azariah Javillonar, Yutaka Jerry, Kainoa Jones, Jonavan Kahoalii, Isaac Kaku, Nanea Kalua’u, Umikoa Kealoha, Zayden Tolentino & Kamalu Vogelgesang.

3rd Place (1 dozen balls): WAIAKEA UKA TIGERS

Head Coach Jason Silva, Asst. Coaches Layne Nakayama, Augie Agustin, Craig Andres


Players Names (per roster) are: Ryan Cabreira, Mason Galima, Kalia Agustin, Eric Cabais-Fernandez, Keelen Andres, Devin Midel, Darryl Sampaga Jr., Brandon Nakayama, Izeth Owens-Kalaola, Khaden Victorino, Kahiau Vincent and Kalai Kamalii.


Head Coach Chris Honda, Asst. Coaches Lenny Paik, Scott Inouye & Blake Sanehira


Players Names (per roster) are: Tefvin Allen, Braxton Cagampang, D-Jay Gangano, Ty Honda, Kaulana Ho’omanawanui, Isaac Inouye, Kobe Kagimoto, Cody Kunimitsu, Safea Villaruz-Mauai, Noah Ohara, Kala’i Rosario & Teagan Tamiya.

Consolation: BGC

Head Coach Earl Moses Jr., Asst. Coaches Ron Gabonia & Kevin Antony

IMG_3053Players Names (per roster) are: Dayson Urbanozo-Moses, Ocean Gabonia, Paul Antony, Rustyn Bautista, Remington Uemura, Canen Pereira-Lau, Conner Mondina, Jordan Hasegawa, Titus Sato, Wallace Ishibashi IV & Luke Kaniho.


Head Coach Nic Kaawa, Asst. Coaches Gerald Pelekane & Jeremy Hook


Players Names (per roster) are: Brennen Kaawa, Keli’i Pelekane, Keola Pelekane, Jason Alani Jr., Jarom Hook, Bronson Rivera, Dallas Louis, Dakota Kala, Jacob Aukai, Marley “Kai” Orlando, Noah Furchner, Jaimison Medeiros & Jesse Canda.

Bronco Division Homerun Awardees:

RBI Red – Braeden Coloma (1 homerun)

IMG_3108This player was awarded the actual homerun ball and brand new pro baseball.


1st Place Champions (Brand new Bow Net and Trophy): ALAKA’I

Head Coach Ikaika Baptista, Asst. Coaches Ben Lorenzo, Jon Leong & Kimo Kapela

IMG_3111Players Names (per roster) are: Kaden Baptista, Keyshawn Lorenzo, Kamrin Kam, Kawana Soares, Kobe Leong, James Kapela, Elisha Leslie, Kamaehu Len, Nalu Kuakahela, Nainoa Pabre, Ryzaiah Botelho, Conner Yamamoto & Ehtan Yamaguchi.

2nd Place (1 dozen balls and Trophy): LIL SOLJAHS

Head Coach Kallen Hiraishi, Asst. Coaches Keola Fujihara, Kaleo Tolentino & Jerry Hiraishi

IMG_3113Players Names (per roster) are: Keanu Alokoa, Evan “Kupaa” Elarionoff, Kethan “Mana” Fujihara, Noah “Bulla” Grace, Taven Hiraishi, Quentin Hook, Kai Koch, Xaige Lancaster, Kanoe Piltz, Zesden Tolentino, Trez Uemoto & Brock Walters.

3rd Place (1 dozen balls): RBI

Head Coach Kyle Wada, Asst. Coaches Jeff Hironaga, Jon Mitsuda & Devin Kokubun


Players Names (per roster) are: Dayson Akimseu, Macen Ducusin, Devin Garza, Klayson Herolaga, Jace Hironaga, Michael Mitsuda, Micah Timbresa, Kaikua Kokubun, Kaimana Kuamoo, Jarrett Tulang & Joshua Ward.


Head Coach Garrett Ota, Asst. Coaches Randy Oshiro, Jason Miyazono & Tyler Palea


Players Names (per roster) are: Kenji Chow, Dylan Honda, Bronson Klein, Isaac Knell, Kamren Mehau, Ryder Ng, Kaden Oshiro, Grace Ota, Ryan Ota, Noah Palea & Seth Zane.


Head Coach Brian Silva, Asst. Coaches Tad Yomono & Chad Criste


Players Names (per roster) are: Tyler Silva, Landon Criste, Bruin Yomono, Yukon Yomono, Ka’eo Peahi, Rory Ragual, Braycen Furuli, Jacob Mendiola, JJ Oliveira, Daylan Torres, John Torres & Raycen DeMotta


Head Coach Keahi Muraki, Asst. Coaches Melvin Jardine, Analu Akau & Leighton Reyes


Players Names (per roster) are: Kamalii Muraki, Blaysin Bernard, Kinohi Lindsey, Micah Reyes, Dean Connors, Keawe Tolentino, Traeston Berdon, La’amai Puhi, Justin Birch, Jayden Brewer Smith & Lopaka Akau

Mustang Division Homerun Awardees:

Lil Soljahs – Quentin Hook (1 homerun), no photo available

This player will be awarded from his coach the actual homerun ball and brand new pro baseball.


We’d like to thank & recognize these supporters for their donations:

Pohai A’arona, Big Island Baseball, Clemente & Kapa Julian, Ed Kinzie, Kagimoto’s Store, Kuikahi & Labra ‘ohana, Craig Kawaguchi, Lance Warren and Wayne Yamauchi.

Special Mahalo to our Hui ‘Aumākua Sports Inc. ‘ohana for your continued loyalty, commitment & dedication to our keiki and ‘ohana, we are blessed with your ongoing support!  I Mua, Hui!!

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