2014 Summer Recap – Ke Akua pu a hui hou


     As we close out the summer of 2014 and gear up for the 2014-2015 Pony League Season, here’s an update on how the summer ended!

     Memorial Day in Kona was a fun and successful tournament for all of our Hui Teams! Hui Pinto came out on fire as they won all of their games going 3-0 in route to beating Alaka’i of Kona, Maui Pride and Wai-Kahala Brewers! Great Job! Our Mustang ‘s capped off the weekend with the Memorial Day Championship beating Kohala, Boys Club, Nanakuli of O’ahu and Alaka’i in the championship game! Way to go boys! Our Broncos had a wonderful time as they walked away with the consolation Championship! They lost their first game, but rebounded strongly and ran the table winning their next three games and walking away with the consolation title! Way to represent Hui!

Bronco Memorial 2014

     Post season was exciting as the Pinto and Mustang Pony League All Star teams were coached by our Hui Coaching Staff! Our Pinto Red team had a great run in Maui as they made it to the last day of competition before falling in the consolation championship game finishing 5th in the State out of 12 teams! Awesome Job! Our Mustangs came out strong winning their first game, but fell in their next two in heartbreak fashion! Our Bronco boys were represented on both All-Star teams! They met in the state final with Hilo A prevailing in the end! We are so proud of our boys on both teams as they battled for the State title! We had two boys on Hilo A that made it to the championship game of the West Zone in Whittier, CA before falling to Santa Monica! Great Run boys! Post Season is a great opportunity to see the real competition of All-Star baseball! At times its great, and at times it can be frustrating with all of the different components of post season baseball! However, we strive to make the most out of every opportunity as we realize the opportunities that we give our kids and memories that we give our ‘ohana! Great Run kids, coaches and parents!IMG_8167

Pinto 2014 Consolation Championship

     Hui Mustang wasn’t done after Maui! We jumped on the plane and competed in the Hawai’i World Series at Corp Field in Waipio! A good tournament that lasted 7 days! Hui went 3-1 in Pool Play! Then, the kids battled in the championship round and eventually lost to Outlaws 10-9 in the semifinals who eventually went on to win the title! It was a fun tournament and a great experience!

Hawaii World Series 2014 Hui vs. Outlaws (Waipio) 8-7 Outlaws

     As we come to the end of summer, a new beginning is upon us! We will have a lot of new faces as Hui ‘Aumākua will be adding 2 more Pony league teams to our family! We will be entering a Pinto team, Mustang team, two Bronco Teams and a Pony team! We look forward to the journey as we start the process all over again! Remember, success always comes with the process of hard work! Instant gratification is the easy way out! Let’s work towards our goals!! Let the process happen and in the end, it will be much more gratifying! A great quote from one of our awesome coaches, “It is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!” Let’s enjoy the ride as we gear up for an exciting year! A Hui Hou and let the games begin!!


Lā ‘Ohana Party


Hui SharkH-U-I

As the 2013-14 Hilo Pony League regular season comes to a close, we would like to send out CONGRATULATIONS to every one of our Hui players, Hui coaches and ‘ohana for great displays of sportsmanship, team work, dedication and support during the season, we are so proud!

Here are the results of our first season together as one Hui ‘Aumākua, E hana pūalu kakōu! TOGETHER, WE CAN!

In our Bronco division, Coach Grant and Assistant Coaches Lance, Craig & Curt led our older boys to a respectable final four finish, ho’omaika’i!!

In our Mustang division, Coach Shon and Assistant Coaches Gregg, Grant, Craig, Ed & Daimen led our team to a 1st place finish, overall champs!! This is Coach Shon & Grant’s 2nd Mustang Championship in the past two years!

In our Pinto division, Coaches Shon, Jason, Stan, Randal & Shawn led our team to a 2nd place finish!

Our Hui players are also being represented on the following post season teams: Bronco A team – 2 Hui players, Bronco B team – 2 Hui players, Mustang 10’s A team – 10 players, Mustang 9’s team – 1 player and Pinto B team – 11 players. Set your calendars for June 14-15th and June 20-24th to come out and support our “Hui” Hilo All-Stars, hiki no Hui!!


Mahalo to all of our Hui players, coaches and their ‘ohana who attended our end of season party on Sunday June 1st at Ainaola Park.  Our keiki and ‘ohana had an amazing time!  A Hui  (‘Aumākua) Hou!


IMG_4433 IMG_4465 IMG_4451 IMG_4475 IMG_4440



IMG_4437  IMG_4443IMG_4458 IMG_4472 IMG_4460 IMG_4459We want to wish all of our ‘ohana a fun-filled summer.  Stay safe & good health!  It’s been a good time together!



2014 Kona PONY Baseball Memorial Day Tournament


The 15th Annual Kona PONY Baseball Memorial Day Tournament, will be held on May 24, 25, and 26 2014 at the Old Kona Airport fields.  We will have teams participating in the Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco divisions.  Invite all your family & friends to come and support our keiki. E hana pūalu kakōu! TOGETHER, WE CAN!

2014 Bronco Schedule

2014 Mustang Schedule

2014 Pinto Schedule

Kona Pony Memorial Tournament Map



Core Values


LCDHUI currency


  1. The quality of being loyal to someone or something.
  2. A strong feeling of support or allegiance.


  1. A pledge or promise.


  1. The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.



Prior to the arrival of Captain Cook in 1778 and subsequently the missionaries in 1820, the Hawaiian people had a profound belief system that guided them in their daily activities.  This belief system involved ‘aumākua, or family guardians.  It was believed that when a family member would pass, they would sometimes return in the form of a shark, an owl, a hawk, and various others.  As such, the Hawaiian people cared for their ‘aumakua & did not cause them any harm.  These ‘aumākua provided guidance to family members in times of need & also forewarned of dangers to come.  Many ‘ohana today still hold their ‘aumakua in high regard, for it is what connects us to our past and keeps us grounded.

The manō (shark) depicted in the Hui ‘Aumākua logo is representative of our founder’s ‘aumakua.  The word “Hui” in the Hawaiian language means close friends, family or group of like-minded individuals striving for one goal.  Hui ‘Aumākua figuratively seeks to bring the ‘aumakua of each and every ‘ohana that is a part of this organization together to protect and support the interests of our keiki.  “Protect” to our Hui means taking care of our keiki and providing them every opportunity for success that arises through participation in baseball and other organized sports through loyalty, commitment and dedication.

2014 PONY Season – Mustang

Opening ceremonies for the first game of the 2014 PONY baseball season will be on Saturday, February 22nd for Bronco and Mustang Divisions with games running through Sunday, April 27th for the first round.  Second round elimination starts on May 10th.  Come down and support your Hui players and Coaches!





2014 Pop Eldredge Manoa Baseball Tournament

9-10 Minors (Cal-Ripken)

With excitement in the air, the kids boarded the plane in anticipation to play great competition!  Our goals for this two weekend tournament was simple, get the kids great competition and become better ballplayers both mentally and physically!  In order to advance to the following weekend’s (Gold) championship round, we would have to at least win one pool play game in order to advance!  Right off the bat we drew one of, if not the best travel team in O’ahu named Go Nuts White!  Excited at the challenge, but weary of our teams slow starts in past travel tournaments!  Sure enough, right out the gate, our teams strength gave up some runs early which is our defense and after 2 innings, we were down 3-0!  On offense, we faced the hardest thrower we’ve seen to date and boy was he bringing it!  He struck out 3 of the first 4 batters in our lineup and at that point, we knew runs were going to be hard to muster!  Although we kept plugging away, after 5 innings, we lost 11-1!  A good wake up call for our kids as we had to forget about the loss and prepare for Manoa Orioles in 2 hours which became a do or die for us to advance out of our bracket!  A “firm” talk with our kids before the must win got our kids ready for action.  Game started slowly again, as our top of our lineup couldn’t set the tone for the game as we were held scoreless in the first inning!  As the game went on, our pitching kept their bats quiet while ours started to wake up and the kids imposed their will and came away with a 13-2 victory!  We were excited and relieved that we accomplished our goal of advancing to the gold round next weekend!

ManoaPopEldredgeOn Sunday, we set up a scrimmage game with KAC Club in Kahala.  It was a wonderful experience as our kids got to get extra reps and KAC was wonderful with their hospitality as you could sense the genuine aloha of their coaches and parents in making our trip worthwhile.  They even fed our Hui ‘ohana after our scrimmage!  Much Aloha to KAC and if they should come to Hilo for any tournaments, we will be sure to take care of their team and families!

KACCoachesAfter a week of practice back home, we were in anticipation of our seeding for the championship round!  The top 16 teams advance and we were given the 14th seed!  A low seed which means that we were going to have to take out one of the top teams to advance!  Our opponent was the #3 seed, Manoa Red Sox!  We prepped the kids for a battle that will take a great game to win!  We showed up Saturday at Manoa Valley ready to play and the game didn’t disappoint!  Right out the gate, our top produced as we plate 2 runs in the first!  Manoa answers back with 2 runs of their own!  It stayed tied till the 4th when Hui plated 2 runs to make it 4-2!  Manoa answered again with a run to keep it a 1 run game!   With everyone on the edge of their seats, (including our Head Coach) the directions to our team in the top of 6th was to try and scrap out an insurance run to go up at least 2 runs!   Boy, did we get a big run as we got a huge home run to make the score 6-4 going into the bottom of the 6th inning!  With excitement in our dugout, we allow the first 2 batters to reach base and now the wheels are turning!  We strike out the next batter, and get the next out with a fly ball to right field and their runner scored on a sac fly.  The next batter gets beaned and steals second and now were up 5-4 with 2 outs with the tying run on 3rd and the winning run on 2nd!  How’s that!!  We were on pins and needles when our pitcher dug deep and struck out the next batter to win the game!  Whew!!!  Very proud of our kids to pull that one out!  We escaped against a good team and advance to the final 8 teams and drew the 6th seed, Pacesetters on Sunday at 10 a.m!  After our game, Manoa Orioles Bronco team and ‘ohana prepared a feast for our Hui at the complex!  What a spread!  Thank you Darrell Kitagawa for hosting us and your Manoa family!  We would love for you guys to come to Hilo and we will definitely take care of your ‘ohana Hui Style!

We then had a treat for the kids as we took them to the opening game at Les Murakami Stadium to watch the UH Rainbows play against the Oregon Ducks!  The highlight was that the kids got to run out with the Rainbow team into center field during the National Anthem!  What a treat! Hui in the Hale!!  All the parents got to seat together with our keiki and enjoy the game before a packed house!

On Sunday morning, we woke up to rain and more rain.  We got to the field and it didn’t look good!  By tournament rules, in case of rain, a coin toss will determine the winner and advance to the final four on Monday!  Being that we were an outer-island team,  I didn’t want it to come down to that!  Manoa was nice enough to let us play through the rain, although all the other games in that time slot were cancelled and coins were flipped!  Thanks to Pacesetters for agreeing to play!   The game was a one sided battle as Pacesetters outplayed us on offense and defense!  We could muster only one hit as we were just not ready for battle!  Maybe the elements, I don’t know, but not the same team!  Score ended up 10-0 and Hui’s run was over!  (Maybe we should have flipped!) LOL!  As we gathered up the troops, I took away a lot from this trip and in the end; the kids had some high moments along with some low ones.  But all in all, it was a success as our goal as coaches was to show these kids that no matter what you do or accomplish in life, there is always someone better than you and hard work, determination and the attitude to never give up should always drive you to be the best!  We will definitely see some of these kids again as some of them return to their Pony organizations and get ready for their seasons!

As we returned to Hilo and started our regular season, we have noticed a different attitude amongst every single Hui player during practices and games!  It was a wakeup call that was worth every penny!  Hopefully it continues into the summer and good luck to all our Hui teams!  In order to be great, you have to STRIVE to be great!  There is no other way!!!  See you at the field!  Game ON!